Analysis and diagnosis – know what is target vs. actual

analysis and diagnosticsYour optimisation potential is highlighted by a detailed breakdown of the current situation. The foundation for your strategic decision making.

Transparency is crucial in decision making, we provide you with a stable basis – a clear and verifiable basis.

We can examine your business as it is today using facts and figures. By extracting data from your business, we can deliver relevant information on your current logistics structure. 

  • Procurement structure:
    batch sizes, supplier structure, order rhythms
  • Warehouse diagnosis:
    material flows, capacity, fluctuation margins, commissioning structure, stock
  • Distribution down drill:
    shipping lots, customer structure, retailer – supplier matrix, seasonality, article structure…

Our analysis asks the questions that need to be asked to diagnose the true situation. Do you have any questions?
»Click here for a contact formula.

We have created a tool for you to diagnose the initial parameters quickly and easily:


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