Trend research and innovation development – the motors for more acceleration in the logistics market

logistic inovations
Even small things can develop the power to have a far reaching effect. The central idea behind our innovation research.

In an industry where movement defines the core service, you cannot stand still. Not even as consultant.

Continuous monitoring of the market, including related areas of consumer behaviour across the whole world, allows us to identify trends – for the logistics challenge of tomorrow.

We use this information to develop tools, in particular for small businesses, to maintain global competitiveness.


  • Logistics research │risk evaluation
  • Reverse concepts | green logistics
  • Logistics cooperation and synergetic strategies

Look for interesting studies and implement concepts. Ask for demonstrations of the unique opportunities for your own logistics innovations.

Especially the small business community needs fast and efficient solutions to optimise processes and secure competitiveness.

LLDS The Lighthouse Logistics Diagnosis System (LLDS) is a system for this target group which allows the development of cost efficient solutions for the safe diagnosis of potential weaknesses in a company’s logistics.

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