Procurement - warehousing - production - distribution - controlling ... Logistic is a cross-divisional function

Procurement Logistics – use supplier synergies, generate structures

03-04handeldistributionWe can streamline your stock for the same production capacity – negotiate in terms of synergies!

Without procurement there is no stock, without stock no production.

An efficient procurement strategy requires analysis of the quantity and availability of components and materials. Review the timing of your suppliers and production facilities. 

Find out where the potential for cost reduction lies in your procurement strategy by meeting us at your site.The method includes:

  • Analysis of all supplier and article data
  • Identification of identical parts
  • Calculation of the capacity of your stock
  • Capital commitment in stock
  • Optimisation of supplier selection

With the result that stock is reduced for the same supplier and production capacity.
Find out which location factors are preferred by which sector in a personal talk with us.

Warehouse – goods park or hub, control and store your fast and slow sellers accordingly

warehouseOptimum commissioning processes and efficient forklift truck routes – the basis for the perfect layout

Nowadays there are cutting-edge strategies and technologies available to you to automate many of your processes.

Computer aided simulation can help you to make a qualified decision about a customised layout. Your warehouse geometry is visualised in a model along with the warehousing and commissioning processes.

The simulation is based on your actual order data so we can produce a quantitative decision making tool for you to optimise warehousing and commissioning processes:

  • Commissioning – one or two stage
  • Identification of weak points and potential blockages
  • Efficient supply management
  • Division of the warehouse into ABC zones according to access frequency

Find the right layout solution for your existing or future warehouse. We can help you find the best structure.

Production – inconceivable without logistics processes

productionLogistics processes are always integrated in your production – we can help you accelerate them

Without the free flow of materials, you cannot manufacture efficiently. Economic and green production are an intrinsic part of planning, as are supply and disposal management.

Efficiency in processing can only be achieved by quantifying the requirements of your customers – independently of your capacity. A perfect concept takes into account the requirements for raw materials, semi finished components and pre-fabricated parts.

A free flow of materials rather than an accumulation of materials is the primary objective:

  • Customer requirements of today and in the future
  • Capacity and tool life of your facilities
  • Supply to your facilities
  • Production output = disposal factor
  • Production parameter = size of the warehousing

Find the optimum concept for material flow for you through depictive case studies and personal discussion.

Distribution and transport – there is often a world of “economic” difference between A and B

distribution and transportDistribution issues are multitude: from packaging via transport to the consumer

If delivery is becoming more frequent and shipping size smaller, logistics costs increase correspondingly. Only efficient distribution concepts using the synergy of order transaction and processing can give you the right counteraction. 

The objective is to provide a concept for distribution which is cost efficient and in line with your customers’ requirements. Less is more. Or would your customer be prepared to accept less frequent deliveries in return for better terms:

  • Analysis of retailer - supplier matrix
  • Visualisation of the distribution structure
  • Warehouse and distribution concepts
  • Call for tender of the raw materials
  • Management and monitoring of the project

Find out about the potential in your distribution structures in a personal discussion.

Logistics controlling – recognise and use risks and opportunities

logistics controllingTake control of the planning and overseeing of your logistics processes with a logistics controlling system.

You need a logistics controlling tool to plan and control your logistics processes. By controlling we mean having control of the management and guidance of the logistics processes in your company in order to increase performance and keep a control on costs.

The objective is to build a system to control logistics customised for your own company.

By looking at the specific objectives of your company and then deriding logistics objectives from performance, cost and quality data, we can define tools for service allocation. Then breakdown and analyse company data to introduce improvements to establish and further develop a logistics controlling system.

Discover the benefits of logistics controlling for your company in a personal discussion with us.

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