Analysis - strategy - planning - realisation: basis to optimise your logistics

Concept and strategy – your blueprint for logistics success

Concept Masterplan
A sound strategic concept to count on long term business success.

When all the factors relevant to your business, your customers and your competitors have been considered, a new strategy can be designed.

Optimisation of your logistics processes will reduce your costs – and increase your competitiveness. Profitable and economic business for the future is assured. Even when your market competitors are driven into making losses. As cost leader you do not necessarily have to be the price leader, but the opportunity is there for you.

Optimisation of goods flow, production process and supply chain
Vertical integration, grouping and synergy effects for logistics processes

We can show you the most efficient methods and tools for your particular logistics challenge in a personal discussion.

Analysis and diagnosis – know what is target vs. actual

analysis and diagnosticsYour optimisation potential is highlighted by a detailed breakdown of the current situation. The foundation for your strategic decision making.

Transparency is crucial in decision making, we provide you with a stable basis – a clear and verifiable basis.

We can examine your business as it is today using facts and figures. By extracting data from your business, we can deliver relevant information on your current logistics structure. 

  • Procurement structure:
    batch sizes, supplier structure, order rhythms
  • Warehouse diagnosis:
    material flows, capacity, fluctuation margins, commissioning structure, stock
  • Distribution down drill:
    shipping lots, customer structure, retailer – supplier matrix, seasonality, article structure…

Our analysis asks the questions that need to be asked to diagnose the true situation. Do you have any questions?
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We have created a tool for you to diagnose the initial parameters quickly and easily:


Outsourcing, tendering – make it better or buy

make or buy

Insourcing and outsourcing – we can help you close the logistics cycle.

When, for economic or strategic reasons, you need external service providers as logistics business partners, we can support you in the selection process. 

Recording all logistics processes and their associated costs will give you the information to decide whether it makes sense to outsource or whether you should do the work yourself – optimised – and on your own terms.

  • Decision preparation for make or buy
  • Professional tendering
  • Analysis and selection processes

When you as retailer are just beginning to build up your business and you are about to make a decision on external input – you need to minimise your financial risk and avoid commitment to liquid assets.

Location concept – the magnet for success

location concept
Every location has it strengths and weaknesses. After our analysis, you will know which are “hot” and which are “flops”. A location concept as a magnet for success.

The development of industrial sites, particularly for logistics, means far reaching competition – regional, national and ultimately also continental competition.

However, every location has its benefits. Do not miss out on a great marketing opportunity, identify the advantages and develop a strategy to encourage businesses in the area. 

Logistics ideas linked with recognition of the issues in the area can provide you with the answers the users such as investors are looking for. Be guided by the “natural” infrastructures of existing sectors, but take note of prospering trends. 

We can provide you with a logistics concept tailored for commercial development in your particular location. This gives you a transparent basis for marketing or promoting your subsidiary – with qualitative and quantitative benefits.

One of our innovative developments for location concepts is the Goods Hotel.
»Find out more herewarehotel

Planning and simulation – the building stones for more logistics security

A virtual depiction of flow processes and warehouse situation generates certainty when planning your logistics future.

Planning of a logistics investment requires substantial understanding of the industry and its technical aspects.

If the conditions are too abstract and a high degree of security is required – then this is the time to use a simulation of your future logistics processes.

When analysis on a real system is too complex, expensive or is simply impractical, we generate computer based models which can depict the required situation using real data.

  • Warehouse planning, goods flow simulation
  • Virtual commissioning strategies

What your warehouse would look like in situ, the costs associated with the transport routes and infrastructure are only a few examples of what we can provide.

Visualisation and monitoring – logistics in pictures, success in view

05-05planungsimulationWe can show you in a simple and clear way when, where and what flows and how it can be optimised for the future.

One of the most important services we provide is monitoring a project to analyse its progress and then apply adjustments when and where necessary.

It is only when medium or long term changes have taken place that the success for the material and goods flow will be seen.

We provide you with a tool to review your business:

  • Scheduling with milestones for logistics project development
  • Periodic checks of all factors
  • Visual overviews of your processes

Our analysis asks the right questions to diagnose the true situation. But do you have any questions for us?

Identify your risks and conquer them

controlling risks
If you have the impression that you have hidden or inadequately assessed risks in your supply chain – why not get in touch with us.

Logistics needs effective risk management. It is no longer sufficient to look at the value of goods and transport safety. Supply chain problems may potentially cause stoppages, failure or loss of customers, the effect of which maybe many more times the value of the goods.

We can support your risk management with structural identification and evaluation of risks across the entire supply chain where you have associated responsibilities.

We recommend suitable counter measures and the development of internal risk management processes. To check and audit your logistics processes and organisation, we use a method that involves an overall evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses profile of your supply chain.

Interim and change management – when your structures change dramatically

changemanagementNo matter in which direction your business is turning–and it sometimes happens quickly, you will need to move and find fast acting solutions.

The markets are changing faster and more comprehensively. Particularly in times of crisis and boom phases, you need flexible solutions for your personnel structure.

We provide change management consultation for exceptional circumstances or during restructuring. 

Our qualified and practical-thinking logistics experts can show you how to successfully apply changes to your company.

  • Bridging of vacancies
  • Consultation on management change
  • Development and restructuring existing structures

If you are in a tight situation or need to reduce over capacity, talk to us, we can help you find the right solution.

Trend research and innovation development – the motors for more acceleration in the logistics market

logistic inovations
Even small things can develop the power to have a far reaching effect. The central idea behind our innovation research.

In an industry where movement defines the core service, you cannot stand still. Not even as consultant.

Continuous monitoring of the market, including related areas of consumer behaviour across the whole world, allows us to identify trends – for the logistics challenge of tomorrow.

We use this information to develop tools, in particular for small businesses, to maintain global competitiveness.


  • Logistics research │risk evaluation
  • Reverse concepts | green logistics
  • Logistics cooperation and synergetic strategies

Look for interesting studies and implement concepts. Ask for demonstrations of the unique opportunities for your own logistics innovations.

Especially the small business community needs fast and efficient solutions to optimise processes and secure competitiveness.

LLDS The Lighthouse Logistics Diagnosis System (LLDS) is a system for this target group which allows the development of cost efficient solutions for the safe diagnosis of potential weaknesses in a company’s logistics.

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